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The Investment Attractiveness Index of Ukraine: The evaluation of the Investment Attractiveness Index of Ukraine is conducted by the European Business. The index is based on regular monitoring of the investment climate of Ukraine by the first persons of the EBA member-companies.

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Voicing business concerns

Current developments in legislation, governance and state regulation with regard to doing business are unfeasible without insightful involvement from business community as top stakeholder. That is why business leaders are uniting forces aimed at maintaining on-going dialogue with the Government and voice problematic issues. Moreover, EBA is going beyond the scope of reflecting the situation and continuously work shoulder to shoulder with the Government by making constructive proposals using European policy experience and expertise of member-companies.

Keeping investors abreast

Ukraine’s growing economy has always been attractive for foreign businesses and investors. Penetration to the country’s market promise high returns, which therefore imposes certain risks. By studying our researches, the potential investors could learn in details all pros and cons of business climate in Ukraine, track recent improvements and get opinions of experts. Contributing to the indices, international business operating here offers its hand for newcomers and extend warm welcome to Ukraine.

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So what is EBA Investment Attractiveness Index?

  • Objective: to measure Ukraine’s investment climate and indicate its attractiveness for both new investors entering the Ukrainian market and those already operating here.
  • Subject of assessment: Ukraine’s investment climate assessed within a scope of political, economic, legislative, regulatory and other factors affecting businesses and defining risk levels and profitability of investment.
  • Methodology: the EBA Investment Attractiveness Index will be calculated as a simple average assessment based on five aspects indicating the investment climate. Participants are requested to answer each question below choosing one of the proposed answers to be afterwards accumulated and analysed according to a five-grade system.
  • Participants: CEOs of EBA member-companies representing both foreign and local investors.
  • Frequency: the poll will be run every three months to enable us to study EBA Index dynamics.
  • Target audience: once the EBA Index has been calculated, the poll outcome will be presented to mass media, state authorities and business circles.

The Government of Ukraine already examined EBA’s proposals on removing barriers to investment and started working on their implementation to improve the investment climate in Ukraine.

Developing Investment Attractiveness Index, EBA member companies will get a new opportunity to voice their opinion on Ukraine’s investment climate in front of state authorities as well as share their views and experiences with other potential investors.

Project was launched with support of InMind

Current Research Partner

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