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EBA Animal Health Committee

EBA Animal Health Committee

Aim of the Committee

The EBA Animal Health Committee was established in March 2016 to:

  • Establish a Transparent and Efficient Work Group of Multinational Companies on a 3rd Party (an independent business association) Platform for Constructive Discussions, Information Exchanges and to defend our mutual Interests;
  • Act as a unified industry voice in dialogue with governments, animal health stakeholders, food industry partners and consumers;
  • Encourage and assist the development of predictable science-based regulatory processes and standards where authorisation and approval to marketing veterinary medicines is firmly rooted in a thorough risk benefit analysis;
  • Promote harmonization of the Ukrainian legislation related to veterinary medicine with the EU and US norms and standards;
  • Act as a source of information on the benefits of animal health products for animal health and welfare, food and safety and public health;
  • Actively promote the value of research-based veterinary medicines developed to the highest standards and authorised according to the regulatory criteria of quality, safety and efficacy;
  • Ensure the availability of all classes of veterinary medicines to the benefit of animal health and welfare, and promote their responsible use;
  • Encourage fair competition and equal market access rights;
  • Fight with production, import or sales of counterfeit products in Ukraine;
  • Assure adherence of IP rights.

Committee members

The Committee represents big international companies presented in Ukraine by legal entity or representative office for at least 5 years. Currently the following EBA members have joined this initiative:

Committee Management

Tatjana Sedych
Committee Chair

Andriy Orobchuk
Committee Vice-Chair 
Ceva Sante Animale Ukraine

Legal Partner
Mykola Boichuk




Successes & Progresses

30.06.2017 15:47
Animal Health
President of Ukraine signed the Draft Law №0906 dated 27 November 2014 "On state control over legislative compliance on food products, feed, animal by-products, animal health and welfare".


21.02.2017 16:18
Animal Health
EBA Animal Health Committee members discussed the strategy for combatin ASF in the framework of the Round Table, which united the representatives of competent state authorities, international organisations and scientists.

25.01.2017 12:20
Animal Health
The issue of state registration of modern veterinary vaccines, struggle against counterfeit veterinary medicines and harmonization of the Ukrainian legislation to the EU standards are top priorities of the animal health industry in Ukraine as for today.

31.05.2016 13:15
Animal Health, Consumer Electronics, Retail, Agrochemicals
Animal Health, Consumer Electronics, Retail, and Agrochemical Committees representatives took part in the meeting with representatives of the State Sanitary Epidemiological Service and State Food Security and Consumer Protection Service, chaired by Mr Volodymyr Lapa, Head of the SFSS. The meeting was dedicated to the issues of hygienic regulations and sanitary-epidemiological conclusions.


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