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Monday, 21 November 2016 16:05

AGMM 2016: Key points

On November 15 we held our most exquisite C-suite event of the business calendar – the EBA Annual General Membership Meeting!

Over 600 distinguished guests - EBA members, key governmental officials, our close partners and friends - came together to share this moment, find out the results of the elections to the EBA Board and, of course, enjoy the festive atmosphere of the 17th AGMM.

We were very pleased to start the official part of the evening with an impressive line-up of guest speakers including Ukrainian and European Union top policymakers and influencers.

Let's look back and recollect the key points delivered by the Prime Minister of Ukraine and his colleagues during the first panel discussion.

Volodymyr Groysman, the Prime Minister of Ukraine

"...We in the Cabinet began many good initiatives. The most important aspect is that the EBA managed to build a permanent and effective dialogue with the Cabinet. And I appreciate our regular meetings with the business community..."

Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament

"...The EU needs Ukraine and Ukraine needs the EU. And from our side we are ready to make a contribution to Ukraine's development so that it will overcome hard times and implement progressive reforms. I do believe that our joint commitments are more than helpful now..."

Hugues Mingarelli, the Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine

"...What I see today is a country that is finally transforming itself. After many years of stagnation, or slow development at best, Ukraine is finally starting to move forward. Society is becoming more open and democratic. Civil society is incredibly active. Ukrainian NGOs and activists are watching the work of the government, the Rada, the President, the Prosecutor General and all state institutions very closely. If the drive to reforms is faltering, civil society reacts immediately..."

Hennadii Zubko, the Vice Prime Minister/Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine

"...We have a lot of resources to create powerful and modern infrastructure within the decentralisation project and reform of local governance. Finally, we start creating new conditions. Conditions, when we literally "fight" for investors' attention to Ukraine..."

Oleksandr Danyliuk, the Minister of Finance of Ukraine

"...The newly adopted Budget 2017 is not only a financial document, but an important tool to nurture the economy of Ukraine. We will continue cooperation with the business community to implement all changes in the tax and customs areas properly..."

Valeriia Gontareva, the Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine

"...Cooperation with financial institutions is an essential part of Ukraine’s economic recovery. This support helps to form our reserves. The country is in need of smart reforms. We cannot expect financial stability without reasonable changes..."

Roman Nasirov, the Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine

"...Step by step we are moving forward to guarantee budget revenues at all levels. Our priority is unshadowing of Ukraine's economy and fair conditions for all businesses in terms of taxation..."

Ulana Suprun, the Acting Minister of Health Care of Ukraine

"...For over 25 years Ukraine's health care sector, unfortunately, has been out of the attention of the country’s leaders. And finally, now we have a chance to build a quality system of health care in Ukraine. It is very important, because we need a healthy and prosperous nation...."

Volodymyr Omelyan, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine

"...I appreciate that my colleagues from the Government and the Parliament understand that the prosperity of Ukraine directly depends on the quality of roads and infrastructure in general. I am proud to see the first results of our work, especially, in terms of Ukrzaliznytsia and Ukrposhta transformation in 2016..."

Taras Kutovyi, the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

"...One of the key priorities, privatisation of state-owned enterprises, is a way to fight against corruption and inefficiency. Currently, the state enterprises generate billions of Hryvnia of loses which must be paid by taxpayers. Very few enterprises should stay under the Ministry`s management. We need to have a clear vision of all reforms, especially land. This part needs further revision and liberalisation. A lot of work is still ahead..."

Pavlo Petrenko, the Minister of Justice of Ukraine

"...For about three years we closely cooperate with the EBA. We've become co-legislators of numerous important draft laws. The level of trust between the Ministry and the business community is now very high. Thank to such mutual cooperation we have every chance to become a successful state..."

We are extremely grateful to our honorable guests from the Cabinet as well as to our powerful community of bright businesspeople - brave leaders, doers and influencers, who believe in Ukraine's economic potential!


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