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Monday, 30 November 2015 13:00

Joint meeting between EBA IT Committee, IT-industry leaders and Minister of Finance of Ukraine concerning a gradual industry taxation increase

On November 30, leaders of the export-oriented IT industry held a joint meeting with the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalie Jaresko and Deputy Minister Olena Makeyeva at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The meeting was initiated by the IT-Committee of European Business Association, whose activity is aimed at development of the Ukrainian IT-industry.

The meeting contained a fruitful dialogue between the leaders of the IT export-oriented sector and the Ministry of Finance aimed at ensuring a gradual taxation change of the IT industry of Ukraine. The IT industry is one of the branches of the Ukrainian "new economy", which has shown a significant growth in recent years. Today, the IT industry in Ukraine is among the top three industries in terms of contribution to the GDP of Ukraine and volume of exports.  For further development of the export-oriented IT industry and augmentation of foreign exchange earnings in Ukraine, it is crucial to demonstrate understanding of its importance to the economy on the part of the government and particularly the Ministry of Finance. A competitive IT industry of Ukraine will also contribute to the stability of the financial system of Ukraine.
Following a detailed discussion and IT Committee proposals being approved by the parties there was a confirmation of their inclusion into the draft of a new Tax Code. The parties have expressed readiness for further cooperation, which is crucial for the growth of the export-oriented sector of the IT industry in Ukraine. The Minister of Finance, for her part, made a point on the importance of full IT industry support at the state level, as well as formation of an attractive investment image for the country to ensure job creation for Ukrainians in Ukraine.


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