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Tuesday, 12 September 2017 14:45

Avoid becoming a victim of fake transport companies and fraud

DSV's road transport experts share some advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of fake transport companies and fraud

The demand for logistics services grows rapidly and, consequently, transportation costs increase. Unfortunately, it also attracts thieves and fraudsters that continue to apply more and more sophisticated methods.

We urge our customers and partners, and everyone else, to be careful when choosing a transport company and to check their background etc. in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

We collected a list of some of the most commonly seen types of cargo theft/fraud attempts:

  1. Common schemes which include stealing or hijacking an entire loaded vehicle, stealing goods from terminals or while the goods are in transit e.g. parking lots etc.
  2. Data leaks. Information regarding the cargo, the route and/or the cargo owner is leaked to the fraudsters together with the transport documents. The data may be leaked by one of the cargo owner's employees as well as a transport company employee. The fraudsters use hired trucks that cannot be traced back to themselves. A truck arrives at the loading point a little earlier than the agreed pick up time but with (copies of) the required documents. When loaded the "fake" truck disappears with the cargo before the booked pick-up truck arrives and thus your cargo is lost
  3. "One-day" transport companies, which only "exist" for a very limited time. Often they do not have any state registration or legal address, no office or company website and hardly any staff.  Such companies offer low rates and agree to all the cargo owner's conditions - and disappear completely when they have received the goods for transport.
  4. Newly established transport companies. These companies offer rates slightly below the market, and special conditions for new customers. When these companies disappear again it is usually together with a high value cargo they had received for transport.
  5. Unlawful use of the logo and name of an existing transport company. Persons misleading (potential) customers using a scraper website that often includes an impressive list of customers and offers either "promotional" rates or a discount. And it vanishes when they have received the cargo they were after.

In order to avoid losses we recommend the following:

  1. Be cautious if you are offered rates which are below the market;
  2. Do not use a new transporter for large consignments of highly liquid assets or expensive cargo;
  3. Carefully check a new transport company and request copies of relevant certificates and documentation;
  4. If possible, choose reliable and internationally acknowledged transport and logistics companies;
  5. Always insure your cargo.

Be vigilant and remember that the thieves prefer liquid assets and high value goods such as clothes and shoes, food, alcoholic products, cosmetics, household chemicals, medical products, household appliances and electronics, car parts, building materials and certain metals.

About DSV

DSV is a top five global transport and logistics company. In 1976, ten independent hauliers joined forces and founded DSV in Denmark. Since then, DSV has evolved to become the world’s 5th largest supplier of global solutions within transport and logistics. Today, we add value to our customers’ entire supply chain by transporting, storing, packaging, re-packaging, processing and clearing all types of goods. We work every day from our many offices in more than 80 countries to ensure a steady supply of goods to production lines, outlets, stores and consumers all over the world. Our reach is global yet our presence is local and close to our customers.


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